Try canned pickles just like grandma used to cook them! Here is the recipe

Boiled pumpkins require thick-fleshed pumpkins.  Be sure to try the recipe!
Boiled pumpkins require thick-fleshed pumpkins. Be sure to try the recipe! imago/imagebroker

They are everywhere when the winter reaches its ripest stage. Outdoor cucumbers are grown in the garden and are sometimes sold very cheaply in the markets. With so many on offer, why not try stuffed pumpkins made according to grandma’s recipe.

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What do you want? 2 to 4 pieces of meat, 200g mixed minced meat, 50g white bread, egg, small onion, salt, pepper, frying oil and 1/4 liter of broth, maybe some sour cream or sour cream.

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Delicious recipe: how to easily connect canned pickles!

Here’s how it’s done: Cut the onion. Peel the cucumbers and scoop out the core flesh. Mix the boiled meat with the white bread soaked in water, egg and chopped onion, salt and pepper. Then fill the pumpkin halves with it. Then connect the halves to the kitchen sink.

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Then fry the cucumbers with oil. Then add the boiling broth and fry until the cucumbers look transparent. If necessary, add a little more soup and if you want, combine everything with a little cold flour. You can also stir in some sour cream or sour cream.

Compatible with: Potatoes or mashed potatoes go well with pickles. If you want to go faster, you can also serve bread as a side dish. Arrange on deep plates and garnish with herbs of your choice. enjoy your meal!

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