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A long time on a vegan diet Good topic In recent years, animal-free diets have become increasingly popular. Next to … Animal cruelty department And a healthy diet, too Climate protection It has become one of the main arguments for a vegan diet.

Especially when it comes to cooking, many people fear that at first, unfairly, the choice is extremely limited and it will quickly become boring. Vegan recipe apps don’t just offer a fortune here. Inspiration.They also help us in general transformation.

We provide these for you. Apps for vegan recipes before:

  • gonutss: iOS and Android
  • Food Monsters: iOS
  • Vegan Chef: iOS and Android
  • Simple vegan: iOS


When it comes to the first steps to a vegan diet, the option of less often comes up in conversation. The classic arguments of vegan diet opponents are about one. Loss of choice Risk of boredom due to the lack of nutrients that cannot be replaced by products, an exclusively plant-based diet and not eating meat.

Although the arguments may be rejected, it is still not easy to find suitable replacement products especially for newcomers Cooking options to get. This is where gonutss comes into play. The app describes itself as “.Vegan translator“It is intended to help us in the transition and in general in the daily life of a vegan. Basically, we do not have to do much more than start the application and enter a word in the mask.

For example, if we type “breakfast”, we will be presented with a choice that we can use to start the day. These are not just messy tips but also easy recipes to cook at home. Once we have a recipe, the app will show us not only the estimated preparation and cooking time, but also that Level of difficulty on

In addition to complete recipes, the app also helps us personalize it. substitute products, Like seitan. For example, if we want to replace the proteins in eggs with seitan, we enter “2 eggs to seitan” in the search mask. Gonutss then gives us the corresponding gram number Same level of nutrition is equal to

To be able to take into account allergies and other preferences in the search, gonutss has a filter function. Gluten, nut and other allergens can be excluded here, as can products without a trade mark.

gonutss is available for free on iOS and Android.

Food monsters

The food monster of the application sees itself Classic cooking app, is completely designed for vegans only. Around 20,000 individual recipes It can be seen here at the beginning, according to the information of the application, 5 new recipes are added every day.

Food Monster doesn’t just give us a few tips and ingredients, the app also offers a variety of different eating styles that are not easily recognized. There are over 600 filters to choose from in the app, all of which allow detailed fine-tuning. of Allergies to major foods A large number of foods and substances can be clearly excluded.

Food Monster not only feels good thanks to the many filters, but the app is also more than convincing in appearance. As soon as the app starts, we are greeted with sweet images that can help us in our selection.

Food monster is divided into two ways. On the one hand, we can choose the ideal from 4 seasons. Each season, then it is divided into additional categories. Below, for example Main courses, desserts or snacks. If we want to check more precisely, there are other tabs that we can stick to. For example, sorting by course, specific ingredients or diet is possible. If we follow a low-carb diet, the application can show us recipes suitable for it.

After finding the right recipe, we find extensive instructions that clearly list all the ingredients and explain the relevant steps in detail. In order not to miss the abundance of recipe information, we can bookmark them or post them at the top of the page so that we can always follow them.

Food Monsters is available for free on iOS. A subscription of €3.99 per month is required to fully use the app.

Vegan Chef

Vegan and also off Austrian product Vegan Chefffrey is an app. The app has been available in app stores since the beginning of the year and aims to support vegan food with a number of features. When we launch the application, we are presented with a small overview of what Vegan Chefry can offer us. We can say that we are Notifications Among other things, you want to allow the weekly plan to feed the app’s central feature at its best.

After clicking on the little login we can create an account in the last step. This is mainly used to synchronize our content, for example between a tablet and a smartphone, for which registration is not required.

Then we proceed to the overview of the recipe. Selected recipes are presented here in a visually appealing way and divided into categories. The categories include “easy recipes”, “pizza and pasta”, “cooking” or “breakfast”. Directly in the main overview we find a selection of recipes in each category. By clicking on “More”, we will provide you with the entire category if desired. Each recipe image is equipped with a plus sign, which allows us to integrate directly into it Weekly schedule Allowed. Here we can choose which days and how many portions we plan to serve the recipe.

If we tap on one of the recipes, more information will be presented to us. Among other things, the duration and difficulty level of the event, as well as a small text about the dish. in Resources tab Vegan Chefry provides us with all the necessary nutrients, b Number of services.

If we want to buy our entire weekly plan in one trip, we can add it to the integrated shopping list for each recipe. If the recipe is in our weekly plan, the transfer will be done automatically.

in the tab”StepsThen we will see the most important part of the recipe common sense Preparation instructions.

Vegan Chefry also has a little gimmick to give you a good conscience. in the tab”VeganismWe can see how many kilograms of CO₂ we’ve saved, how many animal lives we’ve saved and how much water we’ve saved with our changed diet.

Vegan Chef is available for free on iOS and Android.

Simple vegan

While cooking alone may be difficult for some at first, the whole transition to a vegan lifestyle can be challenging. The Simple Vegan Austria app combines one here. Cooking app with basic instructions, How the transition works smoothly.

If we start the application for the first time, we have to answer a few questions. Among other things, Simple Vegan wants to know from us whether we are already vegan or want to start a transition to a diet without animal products.

After a short introduction, we can choose to have the application send us motivational messages to help us on our way to full conversion. After the configuration is complete, we will go inside Dashboard The app. Here we see the impact of our diet on the environment, the achievements we can collect over time and our daily journal that we can fill if we want.

If you’re new to the vegan “business,” we recommend going the first direction of the guidelines. Here the app provides us with short texts. Veganism mattersWhat are the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, including how to start the transition well and how to replace nutrients and vitamins.

After familiarizing ourselves with the information, we can directly switch to the “recipes” tab. Here we find categories like “quick and easy”, “breakfast” or “soup”. If we tap on the recipe, we will see the preparation time, the pre-configured portion size and all the necessary ingredients, which can be added to the integrated shopping list with the push of a button.

We can switch to the recipe by swiping to the left. If we want to combine a vegan lifestyle with a specific diet, Simple Vegan has something to offer here as well. We can agree on the “Plan” tab Diet plan It can be configured, which can provide equal support for weight gain and weight loss. Based on our body measurements, the app calculates the calorie requirement filled with suitable recipes.

Simple Vegan is available for free on iOS. A subscription from 2 euros per month is required to use the full range of functions.

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