That’s what the bulletproof coffee trend is all about.

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Lose weight at the same time as your morning coffee - with butter.  What's the deal with bulletproof coffee?  (sign photo)
Lose weight at the same time as your morning coffee – with butter. What’s the deal with bulletproof coffee? (Photo courtesy) © Philippe Demande/Imago

Butter in coffee for weight loss: That’s what the term “bulletproof coffee” promises. But is the Tibetan tea-based trend working?

FRANKFURT – Weight loss tips are a dime a dozen. There are constantly new methods designed to shed unwanted pounds in the shortest possible time. The latest trend: butter in coffee.

At first glance, the unusual recipe is called “Bulletproof Coffee”. The creator is “biohacker” and tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey. His idea is to combine low-fat coffee beans with 2 tablespoons of unpasteurized butter (grass-fed, with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins) and 2 tablespoons of medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT), an easily digestible type of fat. Instead of a “classic” breakfast, a cup of coffee is said to curb hunger and help with weight loss.

“Bulletproof coffee”: not only to reduce weight, but also ensures a clear head

Aspri came up with the idea while hiking in Tibet. As the New York Times wrote, “Bulletproof Coffee” is therefore based on yak butter tea. Meanwhile, the trend has reached Germany. But what about the miracle drug, caffeine, which not only helps you lose weight, but also stimulates higher mental performance?

According to the Association of Independent Health Advisers (UGB), at least those who use caffeine will not get an unlimited energy boost. But there’s also a positive effect: instead, the caffeine in “Bulletproof Coffee” has a longer-lasting effect than classic filter coffee because the extra fat slows down the body’s absorption of caffeine. However, how much one can talk about “mental clarity”, everyone must decide for himself.

Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients:-
Coffee made from low mold beans; 200 ml
MCT oil 2 tablespoons
Grass-fed butter 2 tablespoons

“Bulletproof coffee”: a miracle cure that helps in weight loss

But what about weight loss? Asprey claims to have lost 100 kilograms in 10 years with the coffee invention. But whether the silver bullet can do it alone in Tibet is questionable. After all, a cup of bulletproof coffee already has 82 calories more than regular coffee.

Asprey believes butter’s unique fats and medium-chain fatty acids help with weight loss. According to the UGB, they are considered a mild appetite suppressant and low in calories. In addition, the body metabolizes medium chain fats quickly.

Research shows that “bulletproof coffee” helps to lose weight – but only in a short time

According to UGB, studies confirm these benefits. Obese people lost weight and kept it off longer than a comparison group that ate normal fat. However, only in the first two weeks – after that the effect gradually but significantly decreased. The body adapts to the changed conditions. And finally, the overall calorie savings are small.

Another problem: MCTs occur in nature only in coconut oil, palm oil and, to a lesser extent, milk fat. Therefore, the human digestive system is not used to digest large amounts of medium chain fat. This can cause stomach pain, heartburn, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. However, the body is adaptable here as well: studies have shown that after a few days of increased MCT intake, adaptation and tolerance responses decrease. The Atkins diet is trusted by many people who want to lose weight. But is a low-carb diet healthy? (prone)

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The methods and information mentioned in this article cannot replace a healthy and nutritious diet. Use our dietary recommendations as a supplement to an otherwise varied and healthy diet. The information is in no way a substitute for professional advice and is not intended for independent diagnosis or treatment.

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