Sometimes you just have to let yourself slide

There is strength in silence – there is no new wisdom. For someone who wants to get things done instantly without fuss, it’s not easy to think about. I always have to force myself to let my soul stumble. I like to go to Oldenburg on holidays when the weekly market is open at the Lambert church. Note: I am driving alone. Not only because I have an instinctive need for a certain fool’s freedom, but because ex-partners feel like they can’t get a date now… “You’re running – I don’t want to run after you! “

So, problem identified, solution at hand: today I’m treating myself to a wonderful day off in Oldenburg – without stress, anxiety or pressure. And if I stay until night!

When looking for a parking spot, you don’t get anything for free.

So this Saturday morning – I leisurely skipped breakfast, after that you won’t find a parking space – on the A29 to Oldenburg-Hafen. At Festungsgraben you can choose one of the 70 free parking spaces. It’s good to save Crosot at home – I’m an old fox!

9:57 a.m. On the way to the city center, I quickly walked around the palace grounds opening their gates. I want to take a quick walk through the electronics store in the basement. As a Nintendo game kid from the very beginning, I flirted with the return home of “Super Mario” the plumber in red. Come on, you can see it on the way back. Better move on before Leffers gets too full later.

I enjoy the early autumn sun among the stalls and stalls at the Rathausmarkt. I’m thinking of taking some monkfish and some fresh chanrel with me to cook a nice meal in the evening. What kind of soup goes with it? White wine mustard? I prefer to do my rounds first and think about a recipe. Only one permanent lung on the jewelry. My next dream watch – “Unfortunately only to see, but you are on the waiting list”. Fast forward to Leffers.

“Rioja, Piedmontese nougat pralines and Ibizan potato chips with fleur de sel – the main dishes are already bagged.”Heiko Bose

Still amazed by the power of the voice of the Chilean singing family in front of the door, I give it about 3 seconds of shame before going up to the next level on my own. Really slow stuff. “You really don’t need anything,” I think, and take an alibi tour of the world of jackets.

Back to the open sky above my bright head, I bravely head for the “case frise”: Rioja, Piedmontese nougat praline and Ibizan potato chips with fleur de sel – the main dishes already bagged.

Delicious soft ice cream will have to wait until next Saturday

Now what about the monk? The question of his addiction is crippling. And I still have to go shopping in Kloppenburg. It is already half past ten. Later, someone snatched away the last corn chicken from Edeka. So looking for my digital plumber right now is unwise. So: “It’s me, Mario! Let’s go!”

I wanted to treat myself to a soft serve ice cream on my way back across campus, but I knew how busy the supermarket at home was. You’ll be back next Saturday – nothing driving you!

I got back to the car a little before eleven. An additional seven parking spaces are now reserved. I unbutton the top button of my shirt because I’m too hot from the walk and find myself the first nugget of chocolate out of town. Fantastic – sometimes you just have to treat yourself to this relaxing Saturday.

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