Sinh Le Bo: Vietnamese avocado smoothie

Sinh To Bo is not necessarily a light drink. When we think of a smoothie, we mean a creamy drink, no matter what. However, the Vietnamese avocado smoothie is a very thick drink, which is also incredibly creamy. Treat yourself to the rich taste of avocado combined with a little sweetness thanks to the skimmed milk – the creamiest smoothie you’ve ever had is ready.

Sinh b In Vietnamese it means smoothies or milks. So instead, non-lime and some milk containing thick drinks. Bo (pronounced like “beaux”) refers to avocado. Change Sinh to Bo to Sinh to Xoai by using mango instead of avocado. It also works with dragon fruit, durian and other fruits.

As if the avocado wasn’t creamy enough, we add thick condensed milk, which makes the smoothie a little sweeter thanks to its sugar content. Condensed milk isn’t just good for Sinh To Bo – it’s also used in the famous Vietnamese iced coffee Ca phe sua da or the unique egg coffee.

As I mentioned earlier, avocado smoothie is not very easy. Smoothies are generally considered a small meal for me – also for breakfast. The following smoothies are ideal as the first meal of the day or just in between:

A glass of Sinh To Bo with fresh avocado


Sooo creamy: Sinh To Bo, Vietnamese avocado smoothie

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Avocado, condensed milk and milk: The creamiest avocado smoothie is ready.


  1. Cut the avocado in half and remove the stone. Scoop out the contents and place in a blender.

  2. Add condensed milk, milk and ice.

  3. Mix everything until you get a smooth cream. complete!

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