Scrambled eggs with seeds – this is how you start the day!

Craving a classic, juicy scrambled egg today? Then try our nutty version, a quick scrambled egg with seeds!

Do you start your day with the motto of gathering strength for the challenges ahead? Then, of course, a good breakfast should not be missed. Whether it is filling and essential proteins, as in this scrambled egg with seeds, or light and full of vitamins – we serve you with a range of colors among easy breakfast ideas.

In our opinion, boiled eggs with seeds, if there is time, homemade bread should be paired with dessert.

Treat eggs properly for long term enjoyment!

There are many myths and misinformation surrounding the shelf life of eggs. No wonder, because if you store it wrong, you can quickly and seriously upset your stomach with salmonella and the like. But be careful: some precautions don’t necessarily pay off!

For example, you should not immediately store your eggs in the refrigerator. It is better to find out from the egg carton when the refrigerator should be used and until then, do not simply put it in direct sunlight. In this way, the eggs have a longer shelf life and are edible. And if you’re still not sure if the eggs are good, rely on the tried and tested “egg test”. To do this, gently slide your egg into a glass filled with water. When it rises, the fermentation process produces sulfur in it and it rises. Then throw it in the trash and if not, put it in our broken eggs with seeds!

In the great NoWaste app, experts have put together more tips to prevent food waste. There you can learn how to handle your food safely and efficiently. Brilliant!


Quick egg with seeds

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In the morning you can quickly enjoy this delicious breakfast with seeds!


  1. Heat in a covered pan and fry until golden brown on all sides until the pumpkin seeds start to smell.

  2. Meanwhile, beat the eggs with milk and season with salt and pepper. When the pumpkin seeds start to darken, take them out and melt the butter in them.

  3. Then pour the egg mixture, add the pumpkin seeds and prepare everything. Then use a spatula or flat spoon to move the pan from one edge to the other and cook in this way. Serve hot.

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