Monza: Crazy stories with Senna and Schumacher/Formula 1

Motor racing has been held at Monza Royal Park for over a century. Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is one of a kind, as are some crazy facts about the traditional GP.

Monza is home to the Grand Prix circuit, which hosts the Formula One world championships – from May to July 1922, with 3,500 workers included in the Monza Royal Park. Monza was one of four circuits featured in the 1950 Formula 1 season, along with Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps and Monaco.

The Monza circuit is located in Europe’s fourth largest park (688 hectares), Parco di Monza is the largest walled park in Europe. The park was completed in 1808 after three years of construction, and was, for comparison, two and a half times the size of New York’s Central Park. There are about 110,000 trees in the park, 26 farms, three mills and a deer enclosure!

No racetrack has hosted a national GP more often than Monza: in 2022, the 73rd Italian Grand Prix will be held as part of the Formula 1 World Championship, the 93rd Italian Grand Prix, and all but one have been. Race at Monza. In the year In 1980, the Italian GP was specially held at Imola – because Monza had to be rebuilt.

Nine of the ten fastest Grands Prix in history have been held at Monza (and one at Spa-Francorchamps, 1970). Record to date: Winner of the 2003 race with an average speed of 247.585 km/h (Michael Schumacher in Ferrari). In the year

Patience isn’t necessarily the average Italian’s greatest strength, but when it comes home to their drivers, the Tifosi will need a lot of strength to win at Ferrari: the last Italian Monza win in a Ferrari was with Ludovico Scarfiotti. In 1966

Since 1950, only Italian and British championship rounds have been held in each Formula 1 year.

In the year The 1971 Monza finish is still considered the closest: Peter Gettin finished a hundredth of a second ahead of Ronnie Peterson in the BRM in March. The five (3rd to Fran├žois Severt in Tyrrell with Mike Hailwood in Surtees and Howden Ganley in another BRM) were all within 61 hundredths of a second. This is also a Formula 1 record.

The Formula 1 World Championship has been decided at Monza twelve times, more than any other GP race: 1950 (in favor of Giuseppe Farina), 1956 (Juan Manuel Fangio), 1960 (Jack Brabham), 1961 (Phil Hill), 1963 (Jim Clarke), 1966 (Jack Brabham). Brabham), 1969 (Jackie Stewart), 1972 (Emerson Fittipaldi), 1973 (Jackie Stewart), 1975 (Nicky Lauda), 1978 (Mario Andretti), 1979 (Jody Sheck) years but beyond.

The engines have to endure a lot in Monza: more than three quarters of a Monza lap is full throttle!

Over the years, Monza fans have been extremely helpful trying to sneak into the paddock. “Pizza for Ayrton Senna!” Pizza for Ayrton Senna!” The trick almost worked – if the law enforcement did indeed find a delicious pizza in the box, the errant courier didn’t think so. With the introduction of chip-equipped entry tickets and electronically controlled turnstiles, the glamorous pizza trick disappeared.

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