Italian restaurants offer electric bills in shop windows

Italian bar owners display their electricity bills in their shop windows to justify the price increase

The campaign is supported by the trade association Confcommercio. In the coming days, the association will issue a picture frame to local operators, which is intended to make the new gas and electricity bills visible to the public. Aldo Cursano, vice-president of FIPE-Confcommercio, lamented in a press release on Wednesday that “the large-scale nationwide campaign is aimed at making the citizens and customers of bars and restaurants aware of the amazing situation companies find themselves in.” Gas bills have tripled in many cases.

“If the government does not intervene, local owners will either continue to raise prices or go out of business. We are counting on the feelings of citizens and customers,” said the trade association. The support measures taken by the government so far are not enough to cover the additional costs for companies due to the high cost of energy. The association warned that inflation would bring an already stagnant consumption to a halt in Italy.

The price of pizza has doubled.

Many pizzeria owners have to revise their prices upwards and often with heavy hearts. Alberto Rovatti, owner of the funky Gallo pizzeria in Lombardy, said: “I am forced to charge 10 euros for a margherita pizza instead of 5 as before, or I have to close the restaurant.” He hangs the last electricity bill on the pizzeria’s window to justify the dish’s inflated price. When he had to pay 1,350 euros for July, he had to pay a bill of 4,000 euros, which is 300 percent higher than in July 2021. “I don’t want to scare my customers by issuing the bill, I want to send a signal that things can’t go on like this. I’ll keep working as long as I can, then we’ll see,” says Rovati.

Something that hits the owner of the pizzeria at a small level will burden the companies at a high level, especially in corporations with high energy needs. A sugarcane owner near the port of Salerno in southern Italy received a million euro electricity bill, ten times more than the same period a year ago. Entrepreneur Francesco Francese published on social networks the two electricity bills for July 2022 and the comparison month of 2021.

Prices will explode.

According to the entrepreneur, the draft offered a year ago was a high but “acceptable” amount of 120,000 euros, since July and August are the hot season for tomato processing. In the year The electricity bill issued in July 2022 is only 978,000 euros, which surprised and angered the producer, who, in addition to photos of the bill, gave a bitter comment. “While our politicians compete for parliamentary seats, entrepreneurs are left alone in the middle of the forest of power,” Francese wrote, referring to the September 25 general election.

Italian households and companies have been saddled with high energy prices for months. A few weeks ago, the government of outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced a 14 billion euro aid package to offset the negative impact of high energy prices. However, these entrepreneurs are considered insufficient.

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