Here’s how you can easily make your own Jello Shot

If you want, you can fill different colors into small glasses – but each layer must be strong first. Jello Shots are also individually wrapped but are a real eye-catcher. imago / agefotostock

People love to have a glass at parties – but have you ever “had a glass”? Whether it’s Halloween, a birthday, or a bachelorette party, Jello Shots are popular at many festivals! This is jelly in different flavors, this time the water part is replaced by alcohol. Here are some great adult dessert tips: How to make delicious jello shots yourself!

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Recipe for jello with alcohol: it’s very simple

The basic recipe is very simple: ready-to-eat jelly powder is used, which is available in every supermarket. Common flavors include, for example, raspberry, woodruff or lemon. 500 ml of water is usually used for one bag of jelly powder. In jello shots, 100 to 200 ml of water is replaced by schnapps, depending on the taste and desired strength.

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The following applies: Anything that tastes good is allowed! The classic is vodka, but white rum can also be used. The only important thing is that the alcohol should not be overheated, otherwise it will evaporate. Therefore, it is better to mix the jelly powder with sugar and heat, for example, 400 ml of water according to the instructions on the package, and only shoot when the soup is “ready”.

Jello with alcohol is best in shot glasses. Small plastic or cardboard cups are commercially available. The jello mixture is easily poured into a measuring cup. Then small jars should be kept in the refrigerator, because the jelly takes a little time to prepare. Each of the “jello shots” comes with a toothpick – use this to loosen the jelly on the rim and let it slide out of the shot glass into your mouth.

With these tricks, “Jello Shots” are smarter.

If you want to make your Jello Shots a little smarter, you can also sneak in little “extras.” Example: The raspberry variety can be nicely refreshed by adding a raspberry fruit to each glass before filling the jelly. Cherries dipped in lemon jelly look great. Or: if you choose wood, you can put a fruit jelly frog in each jar. Also, if you prepare different types and serve them on a large plate, your shots will be eye-catching.

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But be careful: the shots, although they have a sweet taste, should be enjoyed with caution. Because: Because of the aroma and sugar content in the jelly, you won’t notice the alcohol quickly. So: don’t overeat, otherwise you’ll have a bad hangover the next day…

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