Grandma’s Original East Prussian Plum Cake – Everyone loves this delicious recipe!

This recipe makes plum cake a special dish.
This recipe makes plum cake a special dish. IMAGO/agefotock

The recipe for the original East Prussian plum cake is at least 100 years old, which also explains the question of its origin. Everyone loves a late summer classic. And if it still tastes as good as it used to be at Grandma’s… our recipe gives a lot of love in addition to tradition. try out. It is very sweet.

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Grandmother’s East Prussian Plum Cake – the original recipe

You need that

About 2 kilos (or 70 pieces) of fresh plums

For the yeast dough: 500 grams of refined flour, 80 grams of sugar, 2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar, 0.25 liters of milk, 2 eggs, 100 grams of butter, 1 cube of fresh yeast (or 2 teaspoons of dry yeast), 1 pinch of salt; 50 ml of overseas rum

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For the base of the yeast dough, to brush; 75 grams of boiled butter

For the finished plum cake, sprinkle; Some sugar or sugar and cinnamon mixed

in addition: Creamy cream, especially freshly whipped

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That’s how it’s done.

The best way to put the washed plum into the hole is to cut the plates in half lengthwise, open them and then remove the stone. Then cut three quarters of each half from each other. The cut plum can be pulled flat (like an accordion). This will help later in the proof.

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For the yeast dough, make sure to bring all the ingredients to room temperature before mixing. Only after that, the cake will be especially soft and have a special aroma. It is good to remember to take all the ingredients out of the fridge the night before.

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Melt the butter until liquid and heat the milk (it will be hot!). Don’t let it get too hot.

Pour the flour into the bowls, make a hole in the center of the dough (like a volcano), put the sugar there and break in the yeast.

Then pour the lukewarm milk into the yeast and carefully beat it together with a fork. The powder “dam” should not break. Now put the overseas rum, melted butter, a little salt and eggs outside the “volcano”.

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Using a fork, first mix the yeast-milk-sugar mixture in the center and gradually work your way outwards until you reach the edges with the butter. Finally, mix everything well.

You can also treat yourself to a little moisturizing cream with this plum cake.
You can also treat yourself to a little moisturizing cream with this plum cake. IMAGO/Shotshop

Now knead the yeast dough well. The dough should no longer stick to the plate. If necessary, work in a little more flour. Finally, cover the bowl with a tea towel and put it in a warm place to “go”.

After 1 to 1.5 hours, the dough should double in volume. The time also depends on the outside temperature. Better to wait a little longer.

Knead the well-made yeast dough again briefly, then place it on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.

Now poke a few holes in the base of the yeast dough with a fork and then spread the melted butter with a brush. Then place the plums on the dough, matching them with the inside – nice and tight, especially if they overlap like ceiling tiles.

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When you finish filling the cake, it should go again. To do this, cover it again with a tea towel and keep it in a warm place for 20 to 30 minutes. Only then it goes into the oven.

There you will bake the plum cake at 180 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes. Then take the cake out of the oven and let it cool well on a cutting board.

Before serving, sprinkle the cake generously with (cinnamon and) sugar. Add fresh whipped cream… mmmhhh. We wish you a good appetite!

…and one last piece of advice:

If there is leftover cake the next day, reheat it briefly in the microwave. Then again it has a fresh baked taste.

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