Former SNB chief Hildebrand Pizzaiolo works

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Former SNB chief Hildebrand Edel-Pizzaiolo works

Former moneylender Philipp Hildebrand is teaming up with gastro king Rudi Bindela. The two opened a noble Italian in the prestigious Zunfthaus Zur Saffron Zurich.


Former SNB chief Philipp Hildebrand and Rudi Bindella are opening a prestigious Italian restaurant in Zurich. The picture shows the outdoor seating of the new “Ristorante Zafferano”.

Philipp Hildebrandt (59) walks among the restaurateurs. This was reported by Blick at the end of June. Now the time has come. “Ristorante Zafferano” opens its doors to paying guests on Friday, September 9. On the famous Zunfthaus circuit, Saffron is located in Limatquay in front of Zurich City Hall.

Hildebrand is Switzerland’s former top currency watchdog. His friendship with Zurich restaurateur Rudi Bindela (74) dates back to his time as head of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). “This project is the result of a long friendship and love of Italian wine,” said Hildebrand at the opening of “Ristorante Zafferano”. The financier and the king of Zurich gastronomy each own a 50 percent stake in the restaurant.

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