Cooking videos on TikTok, Instagram and Co. – more than just recipe ideas

Cooking videos on social networks Today they are not just fashion. But as the Chinese video platform Tik Tok has grown in popularity, its length, approach, and content have changed over time while reaching an audience of several million people who are not interested in cooking at the same time. It’s about cooking videos, mostly. “short” – Videos with a maximum length of 60 seconds are published not primarily to convey recipe ideas or to encourage cooking, but other reasons play a dominant role.

The beauty of cooking

It tempts nearly 3 million people to watch a video compressed into 19 seconds Prepare spaghetti with tomato juice does it represent Chef Sebastian Fitarau succeeded in doing this Classic Italian recipes are perfect Prepared, videos of no more than 20 seconds, linked together. A soft musical instrument. There’s not a hint of ingredients, let alone quantity, and there’s no place for that pesky onion peel. The rest is pure. The beauty of cooking – Wise, without any attention-grabbing voice.

Abundant food

Perhaps the most popular category among short cooking videos combines cooking with the so-called “ASMR” elements, which A feeling of relaxation and calmness in the body Because acoustics play a key role in creating these feelings. With extremely sensitive microphones, the producers of the videos try to capture every little sound of the cooking process – The crispy crust of the pizza, the cheese bubbles on the covered lasagna. The videos are played by the simple appetite of the audience, there are no rules. It is fried, mixed and baked with cheese – Only Credo: It helps a lot. With more than 30 million TikTok subscribers, Bayashi TV is one of the most popular channels in this genre.

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