Blueberry Curd with Vanilla – quick, healthy and delicious

Our Blueberry Curd with Vanilla is more unique than any other Blueberry Curd. He has something. It has the right efficiency. There is a magic in it that you cannot understand until you taste it. And without further ado, now you’ll find out what’s the super-duper secret, unique, and main ingredient that makes this Blueberry Yogurt with Vanilla Gold Medals.

Soda. Very light mineral water with carbonic acid. You ask yourself: OK? It makes a big difference if you rinse the quark with a little water before serving. Low-fat quark without anything is certainly good for the picture, but it tastes semi-good on its own. Beautiful and creamy thanks to sparkling water, this is another level. And instead of just tossing the blueberries in lovelessly, they first crush them lightly so that the sweet, fruity aroma really develops. The vanilla infuses everything and the fresh mint gives the necessary kick at the end.

And Tada! A super quick, delicious breakfast. Or just a little something in between. Besides, it is really healthy. Check out other #healthy recipes. It’s always worth checking out our quick recipes.

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Heart-shaped buttermilk pancakes with chocolate sauce lie on a plate.  Next to him is a cup of coffee.


Pink bowl of blueberry custard with vanilla, mint and blueberries garnished with mint sprigs and lollipops on a light background.


Put yourself in a good mood with this Blueberry Curd with Vanilla

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Cottage cheese, blueberry, mint and vanilla. And sparkling water for that certain something. It seems simple, and it is. Of course, it still tastes good. And it’s healthy!


  1. Mash the blueberries with a fork. Blend low-fat quark with vanilla powder and sparkling mineral water until very creamy. Fold the berry puree.

  2. Wash a handful of berries, cut the bay leaves into pieces and spread them both on the pond.

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