Bindela opens Ristorante Zafferano on Zurich’s Limmatquai.

As often, simplicity is the best. Also in Zurich Limatquay Zafferano. The wood stove is the heart of the kitchen. “Cooking on the fire, in the oven is the main culture,” Rudi Bindela said. “We also bake pizzas in it – but not only. Our Zafarano is ‘un piccolo ristorante italiano’, with fine, varied dishes with delicate ingredients. The result of the joint restaurant project of Philippe Hildebrand “seeking perfection” and “making something well-known better”. it is.

Risotto, Carpaccio and Pizza

The small menu offers Italian delicacies such as Carpaccio Cipriani, Fatitini di Manzo or Gamberoni with Pan, Verdure al Forno with Salsa Verde and, as a tribute to the house, risotto allo zafferano as a side dish. In addition, there are two types of pizza. Classic and “Pizze classiche” in Naples, exclusive and celebrated “Pizze – a modo nostro”: filled with very special ingredients like lobster and burrata, mortadella and truffle, pomodoro and basilico. San Marzano tomatoes are sourced in Zaffarano’s Kitchen. The flours come from Caputo from Napoli and Bongiovanni from Piemonte, two from Azinde Artiginali. Fior di Latte from Caseifico Buoncore Biemme, a small producer on the Amalfi Coast.

The wine selection is a cross-section of Italian winemaking, including wines from Philippe Hildebrand (Tenuta Vergaia) and Rudi Bindella (Tenuta Valocaya). “A wonderful platform for ‘i grandi vini italiani’,” says Bindella. For the preparation of the wine, Philippe Hildebrand called the leading Italian oenologist Riccardo Cottarella.

The restaurant captures the history, tradition and architecture of the guild house and incorporates this into its menu items. “With its warm color tones, as well as the art of Varlin and Hans Josephson, it’s a place where guests are sure to enjoy themselves,” says Rudi Bindella.

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