Beer soup: Does beer only taste cold? No way, as our recipe proves

Creamy beer soup is both a Bavarian and Austrian classic. Alpine cuisine is traditionally based on few and simple dishes, because the choice was limited in mountain villages or alpine pastures. The most important product was of course milk, followed by cereals.

That’s why many vacationers from northern Germany are surprised to find milk and flour in the famous beer soup. But if you look at the color of the soup, it is clear. Other ingredients are regional, such as dark beer and dark beef sauce. The beer soup knows no season, even in summer it is eaten with a spoon. It is especially well received by guests after a strenuous hike. Alpine dishes like these are loved throughout the German-speaking world.

Unthinkable today: in some regions, beer soup is already served for breakfast, even for children. There was and is everything that fills it and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Once a year, Germany celebrates Soup Day. In keeping with the occasion, EAT CLUB hosts a personal favorite soup recipe. Look, because soup is a good idea for every occasion.

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Enjoy on vacation: Alpine beer soup

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Traditional home cooking: Alpine beer soup.


  1. Cut the bread slices. Melt the butter in a pan and fry the bread cubes while frying. Take it out and keep it aside.

  2. In a saucepan, mix milk and flour together. Add egg yolk and mix well. Heat the pot and immediately pour the beer and broth into the mixture until thick and creamy.

  3. Season the soup with salt and pepper and puree. Cut the chips into rolls and add to the soup. Pour the soup into the bowl, garnish with grated cheese and croutons and serve.

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