Avocado spread with feta and walnuts

Avocado is the ultimate comprehensive at breakfast or dinner. For some (myself included), there’s nothing better than a thick layer of avocado on a sandwich, followed by a bunch of other delicious things. My personal favorite is the poached egg on top. But your avocado spread with feta and walnuts can be perfectly paired with vegetables, salads, ham, seeds, etc.

The spread’s subtle avocado flavor with a hint of feta and the crunch of walnuts make this easy breakfast spread a real treat. And, as mentioned earlier, you can’t just eat this for breakfast. The spread fills you up for lunch or dinner without feeling heavy or full. Or you’re planning a special snack for dinner, like avocado with feta and other dips like coriander hummus, paprika dip or baba ganoush, and put them on the table with some bread. Awesome!

If you want to bake it yourself, here are some delicious bread recipes. For example, how about a classic flatbread, ciabatta or something good?

And for those of you who can’t get enough avocados, we’ve also put together some great recipes. what about this

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Avocado spread with feta and walnuts

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A perfect breakfast spread: be it fish, meat or vegetarian. Avocado spread with feta is always a hit!


  1. First, remove the skin and peel the avocado. Mix the flour with the juice of one lemon and mash it in a bowl with a fork.

  2. Blend the feta with the crème fraîche, walnuts and peeled garlic cloves in a blender until smooth. Now add the avocados and mix briefly.

  3. Season everything with salt, pepper and olive oil and serve in a bowl with a few whole walnuts.

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