After the Pizza Flop: Is Brooklyn Beckham’s Culinary Career Failing?

Is it difficult for Brooklyn Beckham (23) to find the right job for himself? The son of Victoria, 48, and David Beckham, 47, doesn’t seem sure what’s the best way to follow in his famous parents’ successful footsteps at a young age – as he’s already had projects launched in the past few years. And finally it was abandoned. It seems that even in the chef’s work recently Brooklyn Go through the ceiling only slightly.

as if Instagram It has been shared. Brooklyn A clip of him speeding through a pizza on Tuesday. “Hot pizza,” he captioned the video, slowly adding the ingredients. However, many of his fans seemed nothing but enthusiastic about the course and therefore suggested that the 23-year-old should choose to pursue a different career. “My Italian grandmother would die if she could see that,” or “This is the most unappetizing pizza I’ve ever seen,” he said, among other things, in a comment on his social media profile.

before Brooklyn While Koch wanted to make it big, Beckham’s offspring had many other dreams – Because apart from being a model or a photographer, he also dreamed of becoming a professional football player. Looking back at these various careers, however, he was denied real success. How will the cooking continue?

Brooklyn Beckham in London in November 2018
Brooklyn Beckham at the 2021 Met Gala

Instagram / Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham, photographer

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